A quick guide to building a stylish brand with social media platforms

If you are planning to encourage people to use your services, you should know that your salon’s brand authority plays a crucial role. There are many ways in which salon owners can build their brand name, but many experts suggest that the use of social media platforms is the most convenient and effective ones. This is quite logical because the most popular social media platforms have millions of active users and many of them use these platforms to buy services and products and learn more about service providers that they may use. But, how exactly can owners build a stylish brand with social media platforms?

First and foremost, it is crucial to select a platform that represents your brand image. As we already said, there are dozens of different platforms, but not all of them are suitable for promoting your salon. In any case, Facebook is the perfect platform for any type of business, so there is no reason why hair and beauty salons should not use it to build stronger brands. Another good platform for this purpose is Pinterest because most of the users of this platform are women. Finally, we should not forget Instagram which is good due to its unique concept. Namely, any salon can build a stylish brand if it shares attractive images of their work. Using before and after photos is definitely a good idea.

In order to build a stylish brand on any of these social media platforms, you must deliver valuable, relevant and shareable content. Modern Internet users know when brands are using just filler content and when they are publishing something that is worth sharing with their friends and colleagues. So, try to create and publish content that reflects and supports your brand image. In addition, find out what kind of content attracts maximum response on your profiles. Finally, use different kind of content, especially visual content. While we are talking about content, it is good to mention that analyzing the content shared by your rivals is always a smart move. Focus on the popular posts in your industry and use them as an inspiration.

Furthermore, building a strong brand in this industry with the help of social media platforms will be much easier if you are using the help of so-called influencers. An influencer is actually a social media star. They have thousands of followers/fans and they have tons of social signals on every update they make. Try to tag them when you are sharing something useful, make comments on their posts or pay them to post something good about your salon.

In the end, don’t forget that you can use paid social media campaigns too. Every social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter have paid campaigns. The good news is that you can target specific categories of people with these campaigns and you can test them with smaller amounts of money before you make one big paid campaign.

We hope that these tips will help you get the most from social media presence and build a strong, stylish brand for your salon.

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