What will the responsibilities of a beauty therapist be in 5 years? Things you need to know.


Beauty therapists are not something new in the world of beauty salons, but it seems that the interest in these professionals is growing in the last few years. Many beauty therapists are running their own beauty salons, but there are also some of them who are working on their own or they are employed by popular airlines or cruise liners. It is obvious that modern men and women are interested in a healthy lifestyle and they are willing to invest in their appearance too. There is nothing wrong with a little pampering and this is exactly what beauty therapists do.

Beauty therapists provide a wide range of services which depend on their education and specialization. Makeup, nails, skincare, massage therapy, eyelashes, waxing, aromatherapy, body treatments, spa treatments and holistic therapy are some of the most common services that these professionals provide.  But have you ever wondered what will the responsibilities of a beauty therapist be in 5 years?

While it is true that we cannot provide precise information about the future of this professional, it is also true that there are some current trends that can help us guess what is going to happen next.

First of all, we should mention the increased popularity of going mobile and we are not talking only about promoting your services on mobile devices and making your profession and business more visible to mobile users. Namely, in the last couple of years, there are many beauty therapists that are going mobile. They are offering massages, waxing, nail, and makeup services in clients’ homes. Of course, more and more beauty therapists will allow online booking and online payments for their services too.

In the future, beauty therapists should become professionals that deliver much more than simple beauty treatments. They will have to spend more time analyzing the needs and requirements of their clients and provide valuable advice. It is expected that future beauty therapists will learn more about the medical background of every client in order to suggest the best possible beauty treatments. It will also be very important to build stronger relationships with each customer because the competition will be fierce.

According to many specialists in this field, the future of beauty therapists is great because the earning potential is excellent. Thanks to modern technology, the list of services offered by professional beauty therapists will increase too. There will be some new beauty additions and some existing popular beauty treatments like botox will become so popular that there will be salons focused mainly on procedures like this (through registered professionals). By providing specialist services, they will try to attract more clients.

Finally, we will once again mention the Internet because its role is expected to increase. Beauty therapists will sell beauty products over the Internet so their clients can use the favorite products in their homes. Of course, this won’t minimize their role because they will possess skills that ordinary people don’t have.

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