What is the Average Wage of a Beauty Therapist?

What is the Average Wage of a Beauty Therapist?


Becoming a beauty therapist can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. A sociable job, it’s fast becoming a popular career choice. As with any job, it’s important to know how much you should expect to be paid on average, and if there are any bonuses, like commission. In this article we will take a look at the average earnings of a beauty therapist and how they change with experience, as well as any other benefits you may receive.


The average beauty therapist salary

Based on a full time position (30-40 hours per week) a beauty therapist can expect to earn an average of £15,000 per year. The wage range for this line of work is between £11,000 and £20,000 per year. When looking at an hourly wage (once again based on a full time position), the hourly wage for a beauty therapist is £6.96.

The average salary for a beauty therapist is slightly higher than the average wage for most full time jobs, which offers extra incentive to make it a career path on top of it being a good and rewarding work environment.



In order to become a beauty therapist, you need a level 2 or 3 NVQ. If you don’t have an NVQ, then you can always start as an assistant and learn on the job as many salons will offer this. If you have an NVQ then the entry level salary is usually an average of £12,000 per year, and if you are learning on the job as an assistant then the average is £10,000.

Your experience can also determine your salary as a beauty therapist. It can lead to an increased average hourly wage of £10 an hour, especially once you have over five years of experience. If you are good with the customers and provide outstanding service, this can also work in your favour for increased pay.

If you become a senior beauty therapist or a salon owner, then you can expect your wages to rise to an average of £20,000 per year – a lovely increase. It is definitely something to work up towards when you start a career in beauty therapy.


Other payment benefits

Most salons will offer commission (usually 20%) for good work, and they may also reward customer service and satisfaction, as well as hard work, with bonuses at the end of every month. Adding these on top of your salary is sure to give it a boost and make a great work incentive.


What is the job like?

A beauty therapist salary is good and the benefits are a great addition, but it is important to know what other people in the field think of the job. In fact, it’s very positive with 95% of employees being incredibly satisfied with their job. They find it to be a rewarding and sociable experience where they meet new and interesting people every day. Many find that the hours and pay are fair, they just wish they could work more (which is a great positive).


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