Essential hair and beauty salon staff and why it matters

One of the most challenging and daunting task is hair beauty recruitment. In fact, the aspect of hiring and retaining of good employees is very challenging to many salon owners. Researching for a prospective hair beauty employee is one of the determinant factors for your beauty shop success. Not only is it time consuming, the whole issue of hiring is complicated due to several reasons. There is the issue of competition for the qualified personnel, and walk-outs when the qualified beauty therapists prefer working on their own. Therefore, it is very important to determine on what you need as a hair beauty recruiter and carefully choose the most suitable employees.

What you need for hair and beauty recruitment

For a successful day-day running of hair beauty business, here is a rundown of the recruitment positions that you need.

Salon manager

The services of a manager are worth your salon investment, unless it’s an extremely small business. The manager is in charge of a myriad tasks such as recordkeeping, paperwork, purchasing and employee scheduling. They are responsible for overseeing salon maintenance and facility management issues. A manager also has authority to act on your behalf in case you are absent.


Stylists or a beauty therapists are the heart of your hair and beauty business. They have a responsibility of cutting and coloring hair, giving manicures, massages, facials and more.  However, before employing staff, you should always check their credentials which include their license. It is also wise to check with previous references at work or college tutors.

Shampoo/Salon assistant

This is another hair and beauty recruitment position. The salon assistant shampoos the client’s hair while the stylist is finishing up on another client. The employee also folds towels, sweeps up hair clippings and provide other general assistance in the hair and beauty shop.


Of course you cannot underrate the services offered by a receptionist. It is not only welcoming customers, the receptionist has a responsibility of answering the phone, giving direction, booking appointment, cashing out customers and performing other customer service duties. Be very careful in choosing the receptionist as they form a vital role in maintaining a perfect human relations environment.

Therefore, if you have opened up a salon and you are considering the recruiting of a relevant hair and beauty staff, take time and carefully research for a prospective employee. In fact, the success of your hair and beauty shop will depend on the staff that you have.

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