Candidates: Tips on composing an interview worthy CV


A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the first impression an employer or interviewer will have for you. It is important to create a professional as well as compelling resume that speaks of your qualification, experience and skills. Your CV plays an inevitable role in helping you get your dream job. It would either grab the attention of the potential employers or make them throw it away.

How to create an impressive CV for hairdressing and beauty therapy jobs?

If you love applying beauty tips or new hairstyles, then it might be the best option to pursue your career as a hairdresser or beautician. People love taking care of themselves. They want to be the centre of the attention. And to stand out among the crowd, they need the assistance of a stylist.

The demand for beauticians or hairstylists would keep increasing with time. Employers need more professional and experienced candidates for that job roles. It is important to create an incredible CV that can grab the attention of the employer as soon as he/she sees it.

Here are some of the tips to create a simple yet impressive CV for a hairdressing or beauty therapy job:


No matter how qualified or skilled you are, the employer won’t pay any heed towards your CV if it has a poor presentation. Make sure the font and the alignment is good enough to give your CV a professional look. Your CV shouldn’t be crumpled or folded as it puts a really bad impression on employers.

Personal information

Make sure you are giving the employer the correct basic information about yourself. That includes your current address, correct phone numbers, qualification, work experience and skills. You may also include your hobbies or interests that might match the job role you are looking for.

Be specific

Be specific while creating a CV as generic CVs are usually tossed into the unwanted pile. Read the job description first and enlist your objective, skills and interests accordingly.

Education and training

Add your educational details along with the relevant trainings and certificates you have. This would make employers think that you have the knowledge required for the job position and are enthusiastic to perform your job duties.



Employers usually go through the skills to analyse the capabilities of a candidate. The strengths of a beautician or hairdresser are mainly determined by the skills instead of their qualification. Make sure you mention your skills efficiently so that it may compel the potential employers to shortlist you for the interview. Here are some of the attributes/skills that you should not forget to mention:

–       Practical skills

–       Awareness of trends

–       Interpersonal skills

–       Communication skills

–       Fashion awareness

–       Face as well as body treatments

–       Capable of providing customers with beauty tips

–       Ability to use tools properly


A CV that encompasses relevant skills along with relevant experiences is more professional and attention- grabbing. Once the potential hiring managers have read your skills, they will immediately look for your working experience.  You need to make sure that you have laid out all the relevant experiences. Also, enlist the work that you used to do in your previous jobs.

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